Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much is a 10 lbs box of sausage & how many links does it contain?

- Our 10 lbs box is $25.90 and contains 50 links.

What type of sausage does Mertz Sausage make and is it available every day?

- We make polish, garlic and spicy sausage links daily and is available every day.  We also make German sausage rings every Thursday and have them available until sold out, so make sure you come early!  Our Italian and Mexican Chorizo is made every other Thursday and available until sold out.  Dry sausage links and Summer Sausage are made weekly and available until sold out.

What ingredients are used in Mertz Sausage products?

- We use a mixture of fresh beef, pork and our Mertz seasoning.

What type of seasoning is used in your products?

- That’s our family secret!!  😊

Does Mertz Sausage accept EBT benefits?

- Yes, we accept EBT benefits

Can Mertz Sausage products be ordered online?

- Unfortunately at this time, we do not ship Mertz Sausage products. Maybe in the future.